Chemical analysis

 For obtaining data about the chemical composition the specialists of an analytical laboratory:

  • use up-to-date equipment, which enables to realize traditional methods of the chemical analysis as well as possibilities of modern instrumental methods: methods using inductively coupled plasma, atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence
  • apply methods of qualitative, semiquantitative and quantitative emission spectral analysis both with photographic registration of spectra and with the use of an analyzer of multi-channel atomic-emission spectra
  • perform a quantitative determination of a broad range of elements included into 42 groups of objects (over 150 products): mineral raw materials at all analysis phases and processing (from geological samples to concentrates), ferrous-based alloys, refractories and etc. Analyses are performed for 55 elements of a periodic system within elements concentration from 0,0001% to 100%. These are ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rock-forming, rare and precious metals, sulphur, carbon, fluorine and etc.

In its practice the laboratory is guided by requirements of GOST R ISO/IEC 170025-2009.

Analytical laboratory is accredited for technical competence and independence in the field of quantitative analysis of ores and concentrates, ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals, non-metallic minerals, refractories, ferroalloys, iron and steel. The accreditation certificate is № ROSS RU 0001.511260.