Technologies for rare and rare-earth elements

When developing hydrometallurgical processes for processing raw materials containing rare and rare earth metals Uralmekhanobr institute offers technologies for more complete and complex recovery of given metals from mineral and technogenic raw materials.

Hydrometallurgy laboratory performs the development of technical solutions (technologies and process regulations for designing) on selective recovery of such rare metals as selenium, tellurium, indium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, etc. from natural, technogenic and secondary raw materials.

Types of works:

  • Rare metals distribution control and accounting (selenium, tellurium, rhenium, cadmium, and indium) at existing enterprises;
  • Development of proposals for rare elements recovery from industrial enterprises raw materials including secondary ones;
  • Complex technology creation for processing the «red mud» combining operations of mechanical and chemical processing, ensuring separation of the marketable iron concentrate and scandium concentrate.


  • There was performed the development of process regulations for engineering of a zinc production plant with the capacity of 140 000 tpy. (production comprises annealing, cinder leaching, solutions cleaning, electrolysis, Waelz process, Waelz-oxides treatment, getting zinc pig, cadmium and indium);
  • Based on conducted scientific research work development of process regulations was carried out for the heap leaching area and copper cementation from the oxidized ore of the Volkovskoye deposit with a capacity of 500 000 tpy of ore.
  • Process regulations were developed for a construction project of a new zinc tank house with an annual capacity of 90 thous tons of marketable zinc on a basis of JSC «Electrozinc»;
  • Research works were conducted and process regulations were developed for a shop to obtain gypsum from concentrated sulphuric acid with a capacity of 600 thous. tpy per sulphuric acid. (JSC «SUMZ»).