Technogenic raw materials

Within the last century in ore mining industry regions technogenic formations deposits were formed, to which we can refer mining enterprises dumps, dumps of concentrating plants, ash dumps of fuel and energy complexes, slags and slimes of metallurgical productions, slime and slag dumps of a chemical branch. By present time nearly 10 bln. tons of technogenic wastes is accumulated in Russia, inflicting colossal damage to environment.

«Uralmekhanobr» Institute traditionally pays special attention to the problem of technogenic wastes disposal. Lately, we developed concentration technologies for slags of copper smelting production, SDPP ashes, clinkers of zinc production, red muds of aluminum production, greasy scales, out of balance ores, wastes of nonferrous metals ores mining, pyrite cinders.

We perform:

  • Development of flowsheets for copper flowing and aged convertor slags with a maximum copper recovery when using ultra-fine grinding;
  • Development of schemes for getting reusable raw materials from clinkers of zinc production plants;
  • Development of magnetic-gravity flowsheets of red muds – refinery complex wastes from aluminum smelters to get iron concentrate;
  • Development of processing schemes for greasy scales;
  • Development of magnetic-gravity processing schemes for iron bearing slimes- concentrating plants wastes;
  • Development of hydrometallurgical and combined processing schemes of concentrating plants wastes in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy.


  • Gold recovery from flotation tailings of the Buribaevskoye deposit plant;
  • Precious metals recovery technology from pyrite cinders by beneficiation methods;
  • Material composition study, research and technology development of copper, zinc and precious metals additional recovery from slags of shaft furnaces and aged slags of poly-metals production at «Uralelectromed»;
  • Material composition study, technology development of copper, zinc and precious metals recovery from the zinc cake obtained from Vladikavkaz Electrozinc plant and its experimental-industrial check at a concentrating plant of CJSC «Urupsky GOK»;
  • Technology development of precious metals recovery from refractory ores and pyrite tailings using thiosulfate.
  • «Iron hat» ore dressability study from Safyanovskoye deposit;
  • Laboratory studies and pilot testing of precious metals gravity recovery technology from tails of bulk and zinc flotation;
  • Industrial tests on flotation of MMSK converter slags at a concentrating plant of CJSC «Buribaevsky GOK»;
  • Beneficiation technology development of aged slags from JSC «SUMZ» providing improvement of metals recovery;
  • Industrial tests of slags beneficiation from shaft furnaces using ФСВ-10С reagent and without it at a concentrating plant of PMP at JSC «Uralelectromed»;
  • Studies for collecting properties of sodium butyl xanthate during the beneficiation of aged slags from JSC «SUMZ»;
  • Concentration technology development of the fine copper ore for JSC «MMSK»;
  • Technical-economic calculation for rolling scale grease removal technology;
  • Study on impact of the granulated slag feeding to grinding operations on process figures of the flotation of the Safyanovskoye deposit ore (section #1, section #2) at a concentrating plant of JSC «Svyatogor»;
  • Development of instruction on flowing slags cooling at JSC «SUMZ». Control over conducting industrial tests on treatment of the slowly cooled slag at the concentrating plant of JSC «SUMZ».
  • Development and implementation of an optimal technology for hydrometallurgical treatment of low-grade ores and wastes, instrumentation.
  • Development of beneficiation technology for open-hearth slag from Seversky Tube Works;
  • Development of beneficiation technology for cast iron crumbs;
  • Improving beneficiation technology for aged dump slags at CP of PMP subsidiary of JSC «Uralelectromed»;
  • Development of a technology for additional copper recovery from slag flotation tailings at the metallurgical production JSC «SUMZ».