Nonmetallic raw materials

One of promising directions of the research study in the field of minerals dressing is the development of efficient technologies for processing nonmetallic minerals ores. This direction was paid and still is paid much attention at “Uralmekhanobr” institute.

The increase of recovery, concentrates quality and environmental credentials of developed technologies- the goal of research on nonmetallic minerals dressing. Due to the complexity of the materials chemical and mineralogical composition, its physical properties the development of technologies is conducted using all known dressing methods.


  • Studies on dressability of fireproof raw materials from deposits of the Republic of Cuba. (1978);
  • Development of diamonds beneficiation technologies at state enterprises of the Republic of Guinea. (1970);
  • Technology for integrated beneficiation of bituminous shales in deposits heavy media of a Mansfield mining district. (Germany, 1957)
  • Technology for integrated ores dressing from Volkovskoye deposit to obtain apatite concentrate;
  • Studies on dressability of quartz sands from Kamenskoye deposit;
  • Set of works on beneficiation of graphites from Taiginskoye deposit;
  • Vermiculites beneficiation technology from “Kaslinskoye” and “Buldymskoye” deposit;
  • Regeneration technology for wasted moulding sands;
  • Technology for quartz deep beneficiation
  • Beneficiation technology for Satkinskoye, Semibratskoye, Talskoye, Savinskoye magnesite deposits with the purpose to obtain concentrates for production of highly resistant refractories.
  • Beneficiation technology for clays and kaolins from Troshkovskoye, Tchasov-Yarskoye, Latnenskoye, Novoseletskoye and Vladimirskoye deposits.
  • Quartz sands beneficiation technology for Volzhsky car plant and KamAz;
  • Technology to obtain feldspars and quartz from tailings of rare-metal beneficiation at  beneficiation plants of Vishnevogorskoye, Dzhezdinskoye and Malyshevskoye mining administration;
  • Technology to obtain kaolin from raw materials of  “Zhuravliny log” deposit.
  • Technology to obtain kyanite from Yuzhuralzoloto placers;
  • Beneficiation technology for gangue quartz from Kyshtymskoye deposit and gold-bearing quartz from Yakutia.
  • Beneficiation technology for asbestos ores from Bazhenovskoye deposit;
  • Beneficiation technology for quartz-feldspar-kaolin ores from Bisembaevskoye deposit;
  • Studies on dressability of potash salts BKZ-4 by means of dry methods;
  • Studies on dressability of Karatau phosphorites by means of dry methods;

The whole stock of “Uralmekhanobr” beneficiation equipment is used when developing technologies and studying the dressability of nonmetallic minerals.