Ferrous metals ores

We perferm:

  • Dressability study of iron, manganese and chromite ores;
  • Development of process schemes for ore preparation and dressing of magnetite, titanium magnetite, titanium magnetite-ilmenite, oxidized iron ores, manganese and chromite ores using modern trends and directions in dressing technologies methods;
  • Development of process regulations for engineering of new and reconstruction of existing enterprises on ferrous metals ores dressing with the application of energy-saving technologies at optimization of process parameters of minerals recovery and quality of final concentrates.

Specialists of our institute performed scientific research works with its subsequent implementation during engineering, construction, operation of following main enterprises of the iron ore industry:

  • Donskoy GOK (“Kazchrom” company, 1983)
  • Sokolvsko-Sorbaysky GOK (JSC “SSGPO”, 1954)
  • Kachkanarsky GOK (Evraz KGOK, 1963)
  • Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK (“Petropavlovsk-Ferrous metallurgy”, 2015).

“Uralmekhanobr” performed research and process regulations for iron ores from Kuranakhskoye, Kimkanskoye, Garinskoye, Taezhnoye and Desovskoye, Tarynnakhskoye, Gorkitskoye, Tebinbulakskoye, and lots of other deposits.

Besides, specialists of the institute developed treatment technologies for tailings of MMK concentrating plant and UAZ’s red muds with separation of iron concentrates of different quality.

Currently, the process regulations are developed for designing the concentrating plant for JSC “SSGPO” getting the super concentrate with total iron content 68%-69% for subsequent metallization.