Agglomeration of iron concentrates

Currently Agglomeration process is regarded as the most productive and economic method to obtain fluxed raw material for the blast furnace smelting as well as associated disposal of different metallurgical wastes.

We perform:

  • Development of the charge composition to obtain agglomerates with desired properties;
  • Selection of the optimal solid fuel consumption;
  • Testing of solutions directed to the increase of sintering process parameters (partial recirculation of agglogases, water spraying, gas burning and etc.) at a scaled up laboratory unit;
  • Process modelling at a sintering machine with preset parameters (layer height, discharging along the sintering machine, air- exhauster parameters) with the development of recommendations on improving the process.

Based on results of Institute works there were developed and constructed (reconstructed):

  • Kachkanarsky GOK;
  • JSC «Metallurgical plant n/a A.K. Serov»;
  • Orsko-Khalilovsky metallurgical complex;
  • Magnitogorsky metallurgical complex;
  • Bakalskoye mining administration;
  • Karagandinsky metallurgical plant;
  • Vysokogorsky GOK.