Technologies for stowing operations and mine opening supports

  • Development of process regulations for designing stowing complexes and mud plants for preparation of a silting pulp;
  • Development and implementation of technological processes for preparation of stowing mixtures, its transportation and stowage;
  • Development of consolidating stowing mixtures compositions;
  • Disposal of different production wastes during the process of stowing operations;
  • Development of manuals for mine opening supports.

Specialists of the laboratory performed process regulations for designing stowing complexes and selections of consolidating stowing mixtures compositions based on local materials for mining companies: JSC “Gaisky GOK”, JSC “Uchalinsky GOK”, “Bashkirskaya med” LLC, JSC “Sibaisky GOK”, JSC “Sibpolymetally”, JSC “Safyanovskaya med”, JSC “Metal group” and others. For particular mines there were developed manuals for supporting capital, preparation and stope mine openings.