On-line design of open-cast and underground mining operations

 A mining-and-geological package GEOVIA Surpac by Dassault Systemes GEOVIA company is utilized for works which is specialized in creating advanced technical software for the mining industry, as well as rendering relative services in terms of a technical support and giving the opportunity each user to apply practical manuals with the real data, assuring quick productive study.

Technological module:

  • Designing of pits and underground mine workings;
  • Building of cuts, sections, isolines and roads;
  • Scheduling (“Mineshed”).

Building of wireframe and block models of deposits, designing of the deposit opencast development (pit/dump), reserves estimate, determination of optimal borders for the opencast development by the Lerchs Grossman method was performed at following facilities:

  • Mining & metallurgical plant “Titan” (Eastern area of the “Tsentralnoye” deposit of titanium zirconium sands);
  • JSC “Primorsky GOK”, tungsten deposit “Skrytoye”;
  • CJSC NP “ChRU”, fireclays deposit “Zapadno-Uprunskoye”;
  • JSC “Svyatogor”, Volkovsky opencast mine. Second stage;
  • JSC “Uzmetcombinat”, “Tebinbulak” deposit;
  • JSC “Gaisky GOK”, deposits “Osenneye”, “Levoberezhnoye” and “Yuzhno-Kirovskoye”.

Wireframe modelling of ore reserves and opening schemes of deposits areas for underground development:

  • JSC “Evrazruda”, “Sheregeshskoye” deposit;
  • JSC “Uchalinsky GOK”, “Ozernoye” deposit.