Development of mining mechanical engineering

We perform:

All of the engineering documentation is performed in Autodesk Inventor- software for 3D parametric modelling of object with a high degree of complexity. Models of parts and items created in Inventor represent exact digital 3D prototypes that allow thoroughly studying behavior of items in real conditions while they are developed. The minimum demand for physical pilot models and the possibility to detect errors at early design stages enable to save time and funds significantly prior to launching a product.

  • Development of a mechanical part related to the design and working documentation for opencast and underground facilities, including:
    • Above ground mine buildings;
    • Fans installations;
    • Compressor installations;
    • Water drainage facilities for mines and open pits;
    • Underground mechanical repair facilities;
    • Underground multi-purpose storage facilities (combustibles and lubricants, bulky materials, consumable materials);
    • Crushing and dosing complexes;
    • Conveyor complexes.
  • Engineering documentation development for nonstandard items including:
    • Mine skips;
    • Skip hoists;
    • Mine cages;
    • Equipment for mechanization of mine yards shaft insets;
    • Replacement equipment for rebuilding in a mine shaft;
    • Briar valves;
    • Sector, slide, rod gates for different purpose;
    • Repair lines for conveying belts.


  • - Main fan installation. JSC «Uchalinsky GOK» Ozernoye deposit;
  • Sector gate. JSC «Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK»;
  • Blade sampling unit. JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK»;
  • Sampling unit. JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK»;
  • Surge tank. JSC «Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK»;
  • Rod gate with chain gearing JSC «Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK»;
  • Flow diverter JSC «SSGPO»;
  • Pay-out stand for conveyor belt replacement JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK»;
  • Pump chamber with Central power distribution station. JSC «Uchalinsky GOK» Ozernoye deposit;