Heat power engineering and gas supply

Main directions of activity:

  • Designing thermal energy sources at production sites:
    • Small block water heating and steam boiler houses;
    • Medium and large-sized production boiler houses;
    • Central heat supply stations;
    • Intrashop and intrasite steam supply systems.
  • Designing gas treatment and dust catching facilities of high temperature and aggressive process gases from ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy productions:
    • Bag filters, electrostatic precipitators;
    • Cyclones and other dry dust collectors;
    • Wet gas scrubbing;
    • Gas ducts with fans installation;
    • Relevant aerodynamic calculations.
  • Designing in-site and off-site utilities:
    • Heat supply networks at pipe racks, low blocks and underground;
    • Gas pipelines at pipe racks, low blocks and underground;
    • Process pipelines and supply at racks.
  • Designing heat and gas mode systems of aggregates including sections:
    • Gas supply (including natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, acetylene and others);
    • Oxygen supply, air supply.
  • Energy efficiency estimation of design objects' process schemes with issuance of recommendations to a Customer.

Design engineering of waste heat boilers for different nonferrous metallurgy productions

The purpose of these units:

  • Cooling of process gases, dust and reduction of physical gases' volumes directed to treatment;
  • Increasing performance reliability and improving gas duct operation conditions;
  • Gases heat energy recovery by generating vapor or hot water;
  • Separation and dust collection to return it to process.

Specialists of the department designed following recovery units:

  • Waste heat boiler after rotating Waelz-furnace №5 & №6 of Chelyabinsk Zinc Works;
  • Evaporative cooling unit after converters and smelting unit of MMSC;
  • Coolable dust chamber after converters of Krasnouralsk copper smelting combine;
  • Coolable dust cap after converters of SUMZ.

Currently we perform the design of WHB after copper smelting furnaces Ausmelt using the experience of leading world manufacturers. The accumulated experience enables to design recovery units as well as for other processes connected with great dustiness of cooled gases flow.

The following software is applied in the department to perform design and structural design works:

  • «START-Prof» NTP Truboprovod»LLC for calculation of strength and hardness of pipelines of various purpose;
  • «Hydrosystem» «NTP Truboprovod» to perform heat and hydraulic calculations, as well as select diameters of pipelines;
  • «Insulation» «NTP Truboprovod» for calculation and selection of heat insulation;
  • «Boiler Designer», software for calculation of boilers and heat diagrams of power-generating units.

Apart from the software of other developers the specialists of the department develop highly specialized calculation modules including:

  • Radiation heat exchange calculation WHB-furnaces with a cinder sheet;
  • Gasduct aerodynamic calculation of gas treatment systems with and without consideration of heat insulation.