Environment, industrial safety, special disciplines

Main objectives of direction: evaluation of the impact industrial facilities on the environment and the development of measures to ensure the safety of life-sustaining activity as a part of the documentation for the construction, reconstruction and liquidation of industrial, housing and civil objects.

Environment department

Directions of activity:

  • Development of discipline «list of measures on environment protection» as a part of design documentation;
  • Fulfillment of assessment of environmental impact for predesign documentation;
  • Development of projects on recultivation of disturbed soils;
  • Development of projects on sanitary protection areas of enterprises;
  • Development of projects on maximum admissible emissions of contaminants to atmosphere;
  • Development of projects on wastes generation norms and wastes disposal limits;
  • Development of projects on Permissible Release Standards of materials and microorganisms to bodies of water;
  • Development of projects (programs) on environment monitoring.

Special project disciplines department

Directions of activity:

  • Development of special sections of design documentation:
    • Plan for organization of construction;
    • Plan for organization of works on demolition and dismantling of capital construction objects;
    • Plan for temporary shutdown of capital construction objects;
    • Measures on ensuring the fire safety;
    • list of measures on civil defense, measures on prevention of emergency situations of nature and technogenic character, measures on counter-terrorism- measures on ensuring the industrial safety;
    • Requirements to ensuring safe operation of capital construction objects.
  • Development of Industrial Safety Declarations of hazardous industrial objects (at designing stage);
  • Development of fire safety declarations for existing objects and objects under design;
  • Development of a plan of measures on localization and rectification of the consequences of accidents at hazardous industrial objects;
  • Calculation of fire risk.