Engineering economics

Main objectives of direction: development of technical-economic part and cost estimate documentation at all engineering stages.

Feasibility studies department

Basic objectives:

  • fulfillment investments feasibility studies, scaled-up estimations of construction efficiency, technical and economic considerations and proposals;
  • Efficiency calculation of technological innovations implementation;
  • Development of feasibility studies of conditions for solid minerals with the aim of setting reserves on the balance of the state, protection of conditions in state bodies;
  • The choice justification of a mine development method and a process scheme for deposit opening based on economic factors;
  • Development of a technical-economic part of design documentation for submitting it to the state expertise;
  • Determination of a numeric-qualified headcount with distribution on groups of a production process on designed enterprises and areas;
  • Audit of employees number of enterprises due to modernization and implementation of technological innovations;
  • Fulfillment of a market analysis of saleable products and its development possibilities as a part of feasibility study and design documentation;
  • Stability analysis of project indicators to the change of key parameters;
  • Analysis of risks from project implementation with the selection of recommendations to reduce them, as well as factors of external and internal environment (SWOT-analysis) with the description of their impact on an investment project;
  • Calculation of investments efficiency for each of participants of a project (owners, investors, managers of companies, banks);
  • Project efficiency calculation with integration to the existing financial and economic environment of an enterprise;
  • Determination of projects' efficiency indicators using specialized software products, as well as non-traditional methods for determining efficiency.

Design estimate documentation department

Basic objectives:

  • Development of estimate documentation for all types of works at stages of predesign, design and working documentation on construction, technical re-equipping and modernization of mining, processing and metallurgical enterprises:
    • Objects of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy enterprises;
    • Objects of underground and opencast mining works;
    • Objects of ore preparation and crushing-screening plants for mineral raw Materials and plants for production of construction materials;
    • Civil housing and public objects;
    • Administration and living quarters, workers' settlements, etc.
  • Estimate documentation expertise for types of works;
  • Determination of capital costs on construction in a relatively short time by selecting a similar object;
  • Carrying out the comparative estimation of capital costs of alternative solutions when designing.