Construction and architecture

Main objectives: technical documentation development of plot plans of civil housing facilities and industrial enterprises, access and on-site automobile and railway roads, development of a construction part of predesign, design and working documentation of civil housing facilities, capital construction facilities, reconstruction and technical re-equipping of industrial enterprises.

Plot Plan and Transport Department

Challenges in the design of production facilities:

  • Land use planning taking into account technological connections, sanitary-and-hygienic and fire-prevention requirements, a freight turnover and transport types;
  • Location of buildings and constructions on a site, a vertical area planning, including a surface drainage system  and artificial constructions;
  • Calculating earthworks volumes, decisions on provision of amenities;
  • Plot plan key figures.

Challenges in designing facilities of civil housing and public purpose:

  • Coordination of solutions of the plot plan with the approved town-planning documentation;
  • Land use planning;
  • Location of buildings on the site and  transport-functional communications;
  • Engineering preparation of territory, its improvement and landscaping, use of an existing relief;
  • Plot plan key figures.

Challenges in the design of linear facilities:

  • Designing new and reconstruction (standards compliance) of existing access and on-site roads, railways and constructions, main pipelines, power lines, etc.;
  • Estimation of ground areas to locate linear objects;
  • Calculating earthworks volumes;
  • Technical-economic characteristics of a linear object.

Construction department

Carries out development of a construction part of predesign, design and working documentation for construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipping of industrial facilities and mining-metallurgical enterprises as well as civil housing and public facilities:

  • For ore preparation plants, crashing and screening plants of mineral raw materials and factories for the production of construction materials;
  • Objects of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy;
  • Objects of mine surface — pit head complexes, buildings of main ventilation systems, stowing complexes, etc.;
  • Constructions of repair-storage facilities;
  • Constructions of water supply, sewerage,  ventilation and heating, cleaning and dedusting;
  • Objects of power supply, automation of technological processes, communication and telecommunications;
  • Objects of civil housing and public purpose– residential, office building, camps, canteens, medical centers, hostels and other objects of social value.

Civil engineering

  1. 1. Energy infrastructure objects of cities and inhabited localities:
  2. 1.1 Water withdrawal, water treatment, linear networks and facilities of water supply by potable and technical water;
    1.2 Sewage effluents treatment facilities, linear facilities and water disposal utilities;
    1.3 Heat generation and distribution facilities:

    • combined electric power-and-heat generating plant, boiler stations;
    • heating system manifolds and heat supply stations;
    • linear networks and facilities;

    1.4 Substations, switchgears, networks and facilities of power supply objects with the voltage up to 110 kV.

  3. Sport, health, educational centers and facilities.
  4. 3. Complex housing development.