Automation, electrical engineering and instrumentation

The main objectives: development of the design and working documentation of capital construction objects, reconstruction, technical upgrading on the areas of: Electrical Engineering, Control and measuring instruments, Communication systems, security & fire alarm systems, technological-process automation.

Department of Automation & Communication

The main objectives: development of the pre-design, design and working documentation on the areas of:

  • Control and measuring instruments (Instrumentation);
  • Local automatics of technological processes and engineering installations;
  • Communication systems;
  • Fire-prevention and security protection systems;
  • Automated control systems of a technical process (PCS).

The main types of projects:

  • The development of automatic control system of technological process on the basis of the equipment of leading global suppliers and advanced energy-saving technologies;
  • Development of software for programmable logical controllers and visual systems;
  • Designing a network infrastructure and head-end equipment;
  • The design of recording systems for energy sources, monitoring and electrical facilities management system.

Automation Laboratory

Main activities::

  • Development of process control algorithms based on a programmable logic controllers;
  • Creation of typical interfaces “person -machine” based on up-to-date SCADA systems;
  • Checking of developed technical decisions;
  • Software development & testing prior to submitting it to the Client;
  • Creating software & typical wiring diagrams by integration of frequency converters to an Automated process control system;
  • Development and testing of typical diagrams and software for electric drives control;
  • Development of mathematical models of process equipment.

The laboratory equipment enables to create various options for building a control system, realize mathematic algorithms and conduct software debugging. Close cooperation with leading suppliers allows getting novelties of production to test them in labs and detailed study by specialists of the Institute. It allows keeping up with innovations in the field of industrial automation and offering up-to-date solutions to our customers.

Department of Electrical Engineering

The main objectives: development of the pre-design, design and working documentation on electrical sections of projects in term of:

  • Mains with voltage of 6, 10 кV (switchgears, transformer substations, overhead & cable lines);
  • Mains with voltage up to 1 кV (switchgears, transformer substations, overhead & cable lines);
  • Electric motors control systems based on variable frequency converters and soft starters capable of integration with PCS;
  • Grounding systems &lightning protection of objects;
  • Secondary circuits of 6 kV switchgears on a basis of relay-contactor or microprocessor elements;
  • Calculation of indoor and outdoor lighting;
  • Design of power supply systems, control & automation systems, lighting systems for mining enterprises (pits, mines, hazardous & non-hazardous on gas and dust).