The personnel of the institute represents a professional association of scientists and designers from several leading scientific research and design institutes of Russia and CIS countries.

High qualification of our personnel and their ability to achieve target goals efficiently (solve issues of Institute’s Clients) is provided by a staffing system and their adaptation, personnel development and training programmes, professional skills sharing system between specialists by means of mentorship, on-job trainings for senior personnel positions, works with a personnel reserve and personnel certification.

Brief characteristics of the regular personnel as at year ended December 31, 2014:

  • Staffing table – 445 people;
  • The number of employees under the age of 35 years – 217 people;
  • Average age of employees – 42 years;
  • Number of Candidates of Science- 23;
  • Number of post-graduate students- 10 people;
  • Number of Doctors of Engineering Science- 1 person.

The main directions of development of "Uralmekhanobr" human capital

  • Material and moral incentive for fulfilling plan tasks, quality and high performance labor;
  • Housing programme;
  • Medical and health programmes for employees and their children;
  • System of updating and development of employees’ personal potential;
  • Development system of employees’ professional competence;
  • Information interaction system of management with employees and professional association.

Main directions of the development system for employees’ professional competence

  • Training (outside organizations, UMMC Technical University, intercompany training);
  • Participation in research-to-practice conferences;
  • Mentorship;
  • Work with a personnel reserve;
  • Personnel trainings for senior job positions;
  • Trainings and acquaintance with a work of leading foreign companies;
  • Personnel certification;
  • Professional skill contests;
  • Target preparation of post-graduates and students;
  • Teaching activity of employees in the UMMC Technical University and universities of Yekaterinburg city.

Basic directions and procedures for actualization system and development of employees’ personal potential

Corporate traditions

  • Initiation into employees of the Institute
  • Handing in corporate badges
  • Competition for the title of "Employee of the Year" (in four categories);
  • Handing in corporate symbols to the most promising young specialists of the institute;
  • Congratulations of employees with personal and professional anniversary and memorable dates;
  • Meetings with veterans of the institute;
  • Memorial Day of M.F. Ortin, the Institute founder;
  • The Victory Day.


  • Festive events dedicated to state and professional holidays;
  • Creative theatrical and musical competitions among employees;
  • Creative New-Year competitions among children of employees;
  • Intellectual brain-ring on history and culture of Russia;
  • “Russian dictation” competition;
  • Significant public and cultural events of “UMMC-Holding”, LLC.


  • Futsal, ping-pong, chess, bumper ball, bowling tournaments;
  • Summer fishing championship among employees and members of their families
  • Sport relay race dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day
  • Paintball and strike ball competitions
  • Spartakiada Games of “UMMC-Holding”, LLC.