Professional personnel development


This personnel training method has been conducting since 2007 on a basis of “Regulation for a young specialist mentor” and a work plan with the young specialist. Mentoring process management is effected by a Mentoring Council of “Uralmekhanobr”, OJSC, which quarterly hears mentors at their proceedings.

According to the regulation, the mentor gets a monthly increment in the amount of 10% of his salary for scrupulous fulfillment of his functions upon the recommendation of the Mentoring Council.

Work with personnel reserve


  • Extended reproduction of the highly-skilled personnel reserve;
  • Conditions creation for a professional and career progress of talent and bright young specialists and managers.

The list of the personnel reserve on positions is prepared annually based on proposals of heads of departments and management of the institute and is to confirmed by the General Director of “Uralmekhanobr”.

The personnel reserve preparation programme specifies individual plans for raising of qualification, participation in field-specific research-to-practice conferences, mastering of innovative design techniques and organizing the scientific-research activities, visits to domestic and foreign enterprises.

Specialists who reached the highest results undertake staff training to higher positions.

Staff training to higher positions


  • Improving the target preparation process of the highly-skilled personnel reserve of the Institute and increasing its professional and administrative competences;
  • Defining the practical specialist’s ability to carry out functional responsibilities of a higher technical and management level, as well as the specialist orientation to new production goals and functional responsibilities.

A candidate for work training or a trainee is the Institute’s employee having theoretical knowledge and production experience, capable for improving the level of his professional and management competences, positively recommended himself during fulfilling production tasks as a rule being in the personnel reserve of the Institute for substitution of a higher position.

Organization of a training process is realized by a Mentoring Council of “Uralmekhanobr” OJSC, on which the head of training and trainee, managers, chief specialists of departments are given a hearing once every three months. The compulsory condition of trainings for the trainee is the practical carrying out of functional responsibilities of a higher technical and management level.

Similar to mentors the heads of trainings get a monthly increment in the amount of 10% of their salary for scrupulous fulfillment of their functions by a recommendation of the Mentoring Council.

Foreign on-the-job trainings

At the present stage of "Uralmekhanobr" international relations development, foreign trainings of specialists have become an inherent part of the personnel’s training process.

During 2011 - 2014 the Institute's staff familiarized with the activity of a number of mining and metallurgical enterprises of South Africa, China, Chile, India, Germany, instrument-making companies in Switzerland, the United Kingdom.

Personnel certification

It is conducted for the purpose to realize the human capital, improve the system of assessing the professional skills of employees and increase the competitiveness of the organization.


  • Assistance in developing professional skills and increasing the qualified level of employees;
  • Forming conditions for an objective assessment of their qualification and work contribution to an overall production result;
  • Complex assessment of a job competence and salary level of the employee, as well as the professional readiness of employees to fulfill functional responsibilities of a higher level.
  • Preparation of recommendations for training employees, changing categories and positions, improving conditions for labor and rest of employees.

Personnel training process

The training process is regarded as one of the key directions of the personnel development system in the institute. Its main goal is to provide goals and tasks of “Uralmekhanobr” with the highly skilled and competent regular personnel who is able to provide the high quality of works and meet the demands of Clients to the maximum extent.

Training in educational institutions

  • advanced courses, certification and pre-certification preparation related to fulfilling norms and requirements of Russian Technical Supervisory Authority;
  • advanced courses on field-specific areas of a professional activity of employees;
  • informative- consultative seminars on relevant issues of a professional activity and enhanced study of specific topics and subjects;
  • target preparation of postgraduates and students.

Corporate training

  • seminars, presentations on new equipment and technologies
  • seminars on advanced study of specific and professional issues;
  • seminars on implementing new equipment, software.

Every year all training forms cover nearly 100% of the personnel.

In accordance with a Quality Management System of the institute, the estimation of a training process efficiency and quality of rendered educational services is conducted on a regular basis.

Corporate personnel preparation

In order to develop a staff immaterial motivation system and training of personnel reserve the institute successfully introduced a system of professional skills contests:

  • Best by profession
  • Best expert of “AutoCAD”
  • Best internal auditor of QMS
  • Best compliance assessment inspector
  • Employee of the year (in four nominations):
    • Man of the year
    • Designer of the year
    • Scientist of the year
    • Project manager of the year

The winners of contests are rewarded with a cash bonus, valuable gifts and diplomas.

Research-to-practice conferences

Scientists and designers of the institute traditionally deliver reports at all notional symposia, workshops of regional, federal and international level:

  • International Congress of the Mineral Processing Engineers
  • CIS Congress of the Mineral Processing Engineers
  • International symposium “Plaksin proceedings”
  • All-Russian and international workshops on mine surveying and mining issues.
  • International and domestic conferences and summits on chemical, energy, ecology issues
  • Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Starting from 2010 “Uralmekhanobr”, OJSC has the practice to conduct its own research-to-practice conferences:

  • “Strategy for development of “Uralmekhanobr” up to 2015 and ways to increase the competitive ability of the institute at a market of design and scientific-research services” (2010);
  • “From idea to technology” (among young specialists, 2012);
  • International research-to-practice conference “Modern trends in a field of theory and practice of mineral and technogenic raw materials mining and treatment” (2014).

Corporate housing programme

Since 2008 “Uralmekhanobr”, OJSC has been implementing a corporate housing programme. Within 5 years 60 employees could improve their own housing conditions. Annual investments in the programme amount to over 6 mln. roubles at average.