The equipment for Beneficiation Scientific Research center

Equipment for ore pretreatment

The jaw crusher ЩДС 150х80


The jaw crusher ДГЩ 100х60


The cone-type inertial crusher КИД-300А


The centrifugal impact crusher ДЦ-0,5


The jaw crusher ЛШД-0,5х1,0


The disc contractile СОД-2-400В


X-ray magnetic separation

X-ray magnetic separator СРФ1-100Л


Equipment for ore grinding

The horizontal pearl mill EHP-20 SUPERMILL


The rod mill with volume 70 l.


The laboratory globe mill 40 МЛ


The ultrasonic hydrodynamic generator


Equipment for classification

Spiral classifier 47Г-Кр


The high frequency screen Rupulper Derrick Corporation


The polyfrequency vibrating screen ULSTM 1,5х0,6-Е of Kroosh Technologies Ltd.


Hydrocyclone installation “Laborant” ZLF 50CH


Equipment for magnetic dressing methods

Industrial two-product dry magnetic separator ПБС-9025


Dry magnetic separator ПБСЦ- 80/50


Laboratory wet magnetic separator ПБМ-3813


Laboratory electromagnetic separator of high intensity
(cassette type “Гумбольдт”)


Magnetic analyzer


Separator ЭВС-В-28/9


Equipment on electrical dressing

Corona-type electrostatic separator СЭ-5050


Electrostatic separator Элкор-1


Equipment for gravitational dressing

Centrifugal concentrator КБ-190


Jolting machine МОД-0,2


Centrifugal jolting machine ЦОМ-0,05М2


Centrifugal concentrator КС-CVD 6 Knelson with continious charge of heavy fraction


Concentrator Knelson KC-MD 3


Concentrating table “Holman 2000”


Screw stopper ШВм-750


Pneumatic cascade gravitational separator КГЗ


Equipment for flotation dressing

Flotation machine mechanical laboratory with chambers volume 3,0; 1,5; 1,0; 0,5; 0,25; 0,15.


Laboratory flotation machine of boiling layer


Flotation machine flocculation laboratory with chambers volume 1,0; 0,5; 0,2.


Flotation machine ФМ-10 ten-chamber


Column flotation machine КФМ-120


Flotation machine ФМ3


Equipment on dewatering

Press-filter KCPF8 of Knelson company


Vacuum filter


Equipment for treatment of mineral surface

The ultrasonic decontamination unit for bulky materials НО-156


Attrition machine ОМ-1